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Sunday 1pm to 4pm
Monday 7pm to 9:30pm
Wednesday 7pm to 9:30pm


Wing Chun Society Quad Cities

We provide the ongoing study of the art and are open to students of all skill levels. Students build on what they have learned in the beginner’s class then develop a greater understanding of the first form and its applications. Continuing students move through the system advancing as they are ready to do so. Those who put time and effort into their training will see, through their own experience that Wing Chun, correctly executed, is a highly effective system of self defense. Students advance in the system based on appropriate commitment, effort, attendance and attitude and their individual readiness for learning new material.

The Wing Chun Society maintains an informal, ego-free and no politics environment.  Classes are non-competitive and every student learns at the pace they set for themselves.

We are driven to give you the most complete martial art in self-defense. Wing Chun is not about tournaments and belts; it’s to teach the individual how to protect themselves effectively and realistically in the streets regardless of that person’s size, age, or sex. Wing Chun can enhance your way of living – physically, mentally and spiritually. Find out what makes our Wing Chun so unique

Wing Chun Training

Eric Li Chris Kellner Wing Chun

Traditional Teaching

(Sifu / Student) Private training

Private Tuition with a qualified Sifu. This is traditional training the same way as Sifu Kellner was taught from his Sifu.  One of the best ways to truly understand the Wing Chun system. In your training you will complete the forms, dummy, chi sao, gor sau and weapons. "No drills just the Wing Chun system"

Quad Cities Martial Arts

Open Classes

Friendly open class environment

We offer open classes, that promotes an environment of open learning, honesty and respect, with safe, practical and enjoyable training.

Open class is a major key for your Martial Art development

Chris Kellner Eric Li  Ip Ching Wing Chun

Group Lessons

Small group private lessons

Group Training is a great way to develop and dig into the deeper aspects of the art, the fine detail which you simply cannot access though a class structure.

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