Eric Li (Li Yun Tung) Wing Chun

Honoring a man for his on-going dedication to the art of Wing Chun.

"I honor the source from where the teachings were given, for this I am grateful for my Sifu for all that he has done for me".

I can truly say that the direct teachings from my Sifu have helped me develop a better understanding of the Wing Chun system helping me find and refine my own Kung Fu allowing me to see the system as it truly is. Through Sifu Li’s guidance, which is thorough, humble, consistent and with his incredibly knowledgeable he has allowed me to grow to become who I can be.

A “Student for life” is something that stands true and something I have always believed in, I see this with my Sifu.

I am proud to honestly say that his teachings will carry on for future generations.

Sifu Chris Kellner