Eric Li (Li Yun Tung)

Director of  the Wing Chun Society & QCWCS

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Sifu Li is one of the most senior Wing Chun instructors teaching today, having studied solely under Master Ip Ching (son of Ip Man) since 1973. He is a former director of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong.  Sifu Li co-wrote many books on the art, including an extremely detailed study on the wooden dummy (Mook Yan Jong Sum Faat) a history of Ip Man and the now rare hard-to-come by Ving Tsun Bible, co-written with Si-Gung Ip Ching.

Sifu Li is a true gentleman - his goal is to share his knowledge of the art, not build an empire off the back of the Wing Chun system. Integrity, decency, honesty are all words you could use to describe his personal manner and his dedication to the art. He moved to Vancouver Canada from Hong Kong in 1997, where he teaches from his home to a small group of trusted teachers and students.

Sifu Li has taught Wing Chun in a traditional way, at his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Students of Sifu Li learn in a traditional, relaxed environment, with small class sizes and a significant focus on development through Chi Sau.

Sifu Li returns to Hong Kong on a regular basis to train and practice with his Sifu and Kung Fu brothers and sisters. He currently serves as a Director of the Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association.

Seminars are only open to members of QCWCS.